Lighting Lab


Twenty years of working on the art and craftsmanship of restoring antique lighting has resulted in Michael Morales opening The Lighting Lab in Atlanta, Georgia.  During those many years Michael has become the go-to expert in Atlanta, throughout the United States and beyond, not only for his expertise in restoring antique lighting, but also for providing custom lighting; chandeliers, lamps, sconces and more.  Along the way, he has gathered a vast network of artisans and craftsmen to help provide world class service.

“Anyone can build lamps.  Not everyone can take a box of dirty old broken parts and see into the past of what that cut crystal chandelier looked like in its day and restore it to its original beauty“, Michael states.  “Every job has its own challenges, but I have yet to take one on I couldn’t finish.”      

The Lighting Lab is all-encompassing when it comes to your lighting needs.

Products and Services

Lighting Restoration, Hospitality Lighting, UL listing approved wiring, Custom Lampshades, Retail, Conversions from candle to electric, Custom built lighting from scratch or from your favorite fragment