Real Wood Floors

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In 2005 we looked at the landscape of flooring in America and saw and felt a need. We saw a growing demand for finely crafted unfinished engineered flooring but couldn’t find a satisfying answer. Rather than settling for the limited options available, we decided to become the solution. Our parent company has been involved in hardwood lumber production for over 30 years and solid wood floor production for 15 years. Out of this tradition, Real Wood Floors took root and has grown to meet the demands and exceed expectations of the flooring industry, designers, and homeowners alike. Now considered one of the premier engineered flooring producers in the market, we strive to maintain the highest expectations of quality engineered flooring and blaze new trails in design and style.

Products and Services

We’re in the business of helping people love their homes.  We make beautiful wood flooring and guide homeowners to find their perfect floor.  Real Wood manufacturers both engineered and solid pre-finished wood flooring, as well as the stair and accessory pieces that come along with it.